Broadcast Signing Engine

Broadcast Signing Engine is a Java-based tool for digitally signing DTV applications as specified in the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) specification. BSE also has certificate management features.

Applications signed with BSE and BSE-generated certificates have been tested on several real-life MHP implementations.

BSE is open source and distributed under a license based on the MIT licence.



Version 0.3.2 released. Credits go to John Feist for this!


  • Enabled parsing of optional arguments by uncommented the optional block in void validateArgs(Command), corrected static references to StreamTokenizer (net.sf.bse.BSE)
  • Renamed parameter "orgid" to "org" and extended the usage message for that parameter to require organisation specific text followed by a dot and the 8 digit hex org id, added the requestors email address to the generated request file (net.sf.bse.GenerateLeafRequest)
  • Added support for signing non-leaf requests by adding an optional command line argument "leaf" (boolean, default is true), changed the usage and runtime status messages accordingly and added a todo for renaming the class, added mandatory issuer and requestor email addresses (alternative name) (net.sf.SignLeafCertificate)
  • Allowed the destination directory to be equal to the source directory (for ease of use) and adapted usage message accordingly, added error message when deletion of the certificate file failed (net.sf.bse.SignXlet)
  • Renamed label and parameter of organisation field according to the change in GenerateLeafRequest (net.sf.bse.gui.BSEGUI)


Version 0.3.1 released.


  • Added rm argument to to prevent accidental deletion of the dest directory (net.sf.bse.SignXlet)
  • Added rm argument GUI support (net.sf.bse.gui.BSEGUI)
  • Fixed argument related bug (net.sf.bse.SignXlet)
  • Fixed digest type code (net.sf.bse.SignXlet)
  • Added key strength support to leaf request (net.sf.bse.GenerateLeafRequest)
  • Added leaf key strength support to GUI (net.sf.bse.gui.BSEGUI)
  • Added more key strength options to GUI and made key strength fields editable (net.sf.bse.gui.BSEGUI)


Version 0.3 released.